2014 Medical Release Form

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Campus Life JRS

Campus LIfe JRS

Group TEXT..Text CLJRS to 51400 for all of the current information.

Club Friday November 7,

7-9 PM at the Williams

Bring your Skate and Helmet 


Santa Cruz....Surf, Skate and Serve

Friday Novemeber 14-16th

We will leave from Magnolia at 2:30PM and Return Sunday the 16th at 8pm.  The Cost is $50 + $ for 2 meals on the road.

Bring: Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Towel, Work Clothes, Sweatshirt, Skateboard, Helmet and Swimsuit.

Please RSVP to 530-401-6282 so we can reserve you a spot...only 20 spaces available. 


 Please see some pictures from our latest adventure in Winter Camp 2010



 For Current Information TEXT:  CLGC or CLJRS to 51400


Campus Life Gold Country is...

"A Place where I was loved" Tanya 17

"A Place where I learned to love" Tim 15
"A Place where I learned to trust" Katie 16
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San Elijo Beach Camp October 13-19, 2013


San Elijo

Beach Camp
October 11-18

Cost: $200 + Money for 5 meals on the road
Meet at BRHS at 7:00 on Saturday  and return to BRHS at 10:00pm on Saturday
Bring:  quarters, sleeping bag, flashlight, pillow, 2 towels, beach clothes, sweatshirt, tent or plan on sharing....if you want to visit a college let us know what one so we can make arrangements. 

* you can earn $ for the trip by inviting runners to run in our river run for youth or bring clothes to our clothing drive. 8th graders are welcome. If you have questions please call Nathaniel or Kendra at 530-401-6282  Please print out at 2014 medical release form.  




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